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Locating the Rank of Your Google AdWords Ad

A Google AdWords advertiser asks in Google Groups if there is an easy way to locate his ad. He says that he located his ad on the 55th page of ads, and that required him to press "Next" 54 times. Is there an easier way?AdWordsPro says that advertisers should not manually hunt for their ads, but rather that they should look at their campaign statistics.I would suggest relying on your account statistics, rather than continually searching for your ad. When you look at the statistics for your keywords in the ad group view, you will see a column for Avg Pos, or Average Position. This is a factual and accurate accounting of the average of all your ad's actual positions, for all it's appearances, per keyword, during the date range at which you are looking. The other option is to use the ad preview page where advertisers can view their ad along with competitors' ads without accruing any impressions.But member Emmanuel makes a good point as well. Why is he on the 55th pag…