Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 Free and Fast Adsense Tips to Double Your Adsense Income

If you are new to Adsense these tips will allow you to potentially double your income in minutes just making some simple changes to the layout and color scheme of your web pages that have Google Adsense added to them. These tips are all perfectly legal and you can find additional information similar to this at Google Adsense help.

To begin Adsense is a Google program that lets website and “blog” owners monetize their sites using some simple java script. The Google program looks at your site and then determines what your site is about, and then shows ads that are relevant to what the page content that you have on your page.

1) Make the Adsense text the same color and font size as your content. Or make the text very different. The first makes it look like it is part of your site which it is or makes it stand out and catch the eye of the reader of your content drawing towards the ad.

2) Location just like a retail store “location, location, location” is the key. There is some excellent research on eye tracking patterns showing that there are areas of the page that get a lot more attention when someone is scanning a page, having you ad blocks in those areas improve the chance of someone actually “seeing” the ads. Generally the left side above the fold, and the center above the fold are the “hotspots”

3) The size of the ad-block. Google gives you many different sizes to use on your site. I started off using 120 x 600 on the left side of my pages and was using 468 x 60 below a Google search block. I saw dramatic improvements by changing to 160 x 600 video enabled and by moving the Adsense above the Google search block and changing it to a video enabled 336 x 286 ad-block. By having the video and text enabled Google will shows ads based on several criteria with it strongly leveraged towards making you and them money, so you can bet that a video ad as it takes up 3 spaces is going to be productive.

If you have good success with this, or find something that works better, please let me know.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Adwords Automatic Money Machine

Adwords is very good way to earn money online . For those who is not familiar with adwords short introduction to them . Google adwords is most popular Pay per click advertising program on the internet . Millions of people all around the world using it.Adwords is a simple solution to advertise your services or products.Adwords is most powerfull advertising on the internet.

This is grate solution for promoting your affiliate produtcs. Adwords is fastest way to get targeted traffic to your site or affiliate product. Creation of Adwords account takes only few minutes and your ads can be shown in as little as 10 minutes.Now google adwords only allows two listings per domain per keyword . So this stops from direct linking to your affiliate product. That is why you need to have page there you can promote your products. Try to make an effective page , that will lead you to more sales.Best affiliate marketer is ClickBank .You can easily register affiliate account there and start promoting . They pay always on time

Another way of making money with adwords is to find high paying adsense keywords . All you need is find highest paying keywords . You can do that with overture tool . Then implent your google ads on your page . Use adwords to drive traffic to your site . You will make profit of few dollars a day. That is a good start for doing nothing . This system is so simple that anyone can use it . I hope you find this article useful.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Best Adsense Template Format - What is the Secret?

When it comes to building a site for Adsense, many webmasters ask themselves what is the best adsense template format to use. In this article, I will share some tips that will help you build the best adsense template which you will be able to use for every adsense sites afterward.

The best adsense template format will be very simple. It will include a minimum of navigation, so the visitor is mostly directed to the Adsense ads blocks.

The template format will also be built with a maximum of three different colours, so the eyes are not too distracted from the content. Try to use minimal graphics, they are not necessary.

If you want to build the best adsense template format, you will include the Adsense square block in the articles on each pages, because this way the visitor will think it is an internal link and it will increase your overall clickthrough. You can place the ads right under the title of the article, or in between two paragraphs.

Personally, I often use the navigation on the left side, and include an Adlink block similar to my site navigation.

If you follow these simple tips and practice a bit, you will end up with the best adsense template format for all your Adsense sites!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is Google Adwords a Scam?

A lot of advertisers have lost money with Adwords. If you visit the forums you can come across a lot of people who have given up on Adwords. Some of them think it's a scam. The fact is that Adwords pulls in Billions of dollars of revenue each year. If there wan't money to be made with Adwords the bottom would have fell out long ago and there would be no more Google Adwords. Adwords is not a scam!
It's sad when marketers give up and blame the medium they were using as the cause of their failure. No matter how many websites and courses out there claim that it's easy to pull in huge Adwords profits the fact is there is a lot to learn. Your not just going to throw a page on the internet and write and ad and bid on a few keywords and all of a sudden have thousands of dollars in sales every day.
Before you even start your campaign you should learn as much as you can about Adwords. Search "adwords forums" on google. Read as many articles as you can. Visit blogs about Adwords. These are all free ways to learn before you start.
I would also recommend joining a free course. There are some great guides out there ranging from $46-$97 that will teach you step by step how to put together a profitable campaign.
If the marketers who call Google Adwords a scam had taken steps to learn the Adwords game, they wouldn't have failed.

Robert Walter has been successfully marketing online for over 5 years. Learn how to master Adwords with his free mini course or get reviews of Killer Adwords Guides.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adsense… How can I earn through you?

"Our AdSense Templates Will Make Your Thousands Of Dollars With No Effort!"
"Use Our Software To Make Hundreds of Content Pages and Make A Fortune!"
"I Make Millions and Millions With AdSense and I Can Show You How for Only $147!"

It seems like there are lots of new AdSense tools and e-book promising you to make a fortune. Each claims that they are the easiest way to make money with AdSense within days and with little or no effort.

These promises are all Very Tempting. So you decided to buy what they are selling, along with other people. But in the end the only person getting rich is the guy you are buying these products from. And do you know why...

"You've Been Lied To!"

Thinking aloud....Do you think that you could have a pre-made template that makes you money when a thousand other people are also using it? How can a software program that spits out hundreds of pages of auto generated content make you money? How can a simple e-book take you from zero profit to a million within days and without much effort?

No! You can't. So why are these people still selling these dream products? To get rich from innocent people trying to find a way to start their own online business, of course!

I strongly believed that when people are given the right resources, tools and trained with the right techniques, as well as some hard work put into it, he could easily start a profitable Adsense business.

What I am going to share with you are some of the little known facts, as well as those tried and proven techniques to increase your revenue significantly through the use of Adsense.

It's True...Setting up AdSense sites is not rocket science. But you need to do it the right way and what you need is for someone to show you how.
I have listed some of the quick tips about earning incomes through Adsense. Basically, you will need to :

1) Blend your ads and appeared as part of your web content. You could easily achieve that through the use of the background, border and text color.
Use multiple ad units. According to Google's TOS you are allowed to post up to three ad units per page.

2) Place the advertisements wisely. Don't inundate your visitors with advertising, but make them prominent enough to be noticeable. You will also need to position the ads with the highest CTR, as high as possible in the page. Normally, the first ads that appear in the pages (in the source's order) get the most income per click.

3) Determine your web site's focus; consider how much the advertisers pay for the advertisements. In other word, you need to know what those high paying keywords are, and customize your website in order to get high paying ads.

About the author:
Patrick Sia is the man behind Income-Internet-Business.com.
He's a passionate believer in the power of technology to better the lives of everyone
and his passion and drive are hallmarks of his attitude to doing business.
Check out more about him
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Saturday, January 5, 2008

How to be successful with Google Adwords

Are you thinking of using Google Adwords for the first time or have you recently tried it and gave up because you didn’t get the results you had hoped for?
There are many people who give up using Google Adwords because they are not getting the traffic they wanted or it’s costing them more money that they can afford or both! A lot of people think that to be successful with Google Adwords you either have to be lucky or practicing some black art.
However the good news is that Google Adwords does work and you can make it work for you. By simply following the following steps, you will have a well performing Google Adwords campaign which will bring the right type of visitors to your website.
Many advertisers do not follow these basic rules and they get there advertising all wrong. So just by making sure you follow these basic steps you will already be ahead of your competition. Understand the link between keywords, your ads and your website.
This is the golden rule for Adwords. Google is all about relevancy. Google wants to be sure that when one of its customers searches for something that they find websites that are relevant to that search. So you need to make sure that your list of keywords in your adgroup work well with the ads you have set for that adgroup AND that the page you send visitors to when they click on you ad also has relevancy to the list of keywords. Keep this rule at the front of your mind when you set up your campaigns.
Avoid Broad Searches When you set up your keywords for Google Adwords, the default setting is Broad Match. What this means is that Google will match your keywords against a search if your words are present in the search regardless of the order of the words, whether they appear together, are plurals, etc.
As an example if you use the term used shoes as a broad match then the following searches in Google would match to your keywords used shoes used shoes shop used horse shoes shoes used in modern dance new and not used shoes As you can see this can give quite a few matches that may not be relevant to your website.
You should avoid broad searches and target you keywords with phrased and exact matches. A phrased match is one where the keywords will only match if they are used in the exact sequence of your keyword. You enter a phrased keyword by putting curly brackets {} around your keyword. So for our example, if I used {used shoes} then used shoes used shoes shop would match but used horse shoes shoes used in modern dance new and not used shoes would not.
An exact match is one where the keywords will match only if that exact phrase is entered and no other words are used for the search. You enter an exact keyword by putting a square bracket [] around your keyword. So for our example, if I used [used shoes] then used shoes would match but used shoes shop used horse shoes shoes used in modern dance new and not used shoes would not.
Avoid using the Content network. You can set up your campaigns so that you ads appear on both Google’s search network and its content network. The content network consists of websites that allow Google ads to appear. I recommend turning off the content option when you set up your campaign because you ad may not always appear on websites that a very relevant to the ad you are running.
Only advertise to locations that it makes sense to. When you set up your campaigns you can select which countries you want your adverts to appear to. So for example, if you sell a product in the USA that you would not ship outside then there is little point for your ad to appear to people in Europe or China for example. Pick the times you want your adverts to appear You can select what time of day you want your ads to appear. So if you are trying to advertise to UK buyers who are surfing during the evening, then those are the times you should be setting your ads to appear.
Organise your ad groups and campaigns One campaign with one adgroup and one massive list of keywords is doomed. This is the one single mistake that many first time users of Google Adwords make. Before you start using Adwords, I strongly recommend you sit down with pen and paper to plan out your campaign and adgroup structure. What works best does tend to vary based on what you are trying to sell. However as a guide for each campaign you should aim for no more than four or five adgroups each with ten to twenty good keywords. This will give you a set of campaigns which are easy to maintain and the keywords in each adgroup can be targeted effectively. This is only a guideline though.
I’ve actually had an adgroup with only one keyword and it performed wonderfully. Use Landing Pages So many people make the serious mistake of sending their visitors to their home page when they click on their ads. You really want to send then directly to the page that is relevant to the ad you are running. So for example, if you have an online clothes shop then for any adverts you are running for men’s gloves, you really want to send them directly to the page for men’s gloves.
So, don’t use your home page unless it makes sense. Send your visitors to land on a page that is relevant to the advert they clicked on. If you don’t have a page that is relevant to the advert, then why are you running that advert! Use more that one Advert and TEST! Always, always have more than one advert running for an adgroup. This allows you to see which advert is getting the best clicks through rate.
You can then change the lower performing adverts and try to beat your best one. You will soon find that you have some very effective adverts. However to test properly, you need to set the adverts to rotate evenly. This is set in the campaign settings. In the ad serving option under the advanced settings, make sure you select the radio button for Rotate: Show ads more evenly.
About The Author
Mike Seddon is the founder of KKSmarts. Their free Website Promotion Guides help many businesses to get the most out of their websites. The KKSmarts forum contains many free guides in written, audio and video format. They have guides on all things including how to do pay per click, how to optimise your website and many more.
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People Are Our Greatest Wealth - 10 ways to make the most of your treasure

I believe that the work force of any organization represent their true wealth for without them the organization is going nowhere. If you are the owner or Managing Director of any organization you will know what the assets of your company are worth.

Your Financial Directors and accountants will no doubt provide you with balance sheets of your net worth, those assets which are depreciating and those investments which are growing in value. What value do you put on your staff? For many organizations the monthly staffing bill is the major expense of the organization and yet they appear to undervalue the amazing resource they have at their disposal.

The collective intelligence, skills, expertise, energy and enthusiasm of your staff is so much bigger than the sum of the individual parts. Optimising the potential of your staff can lead to a competitive edge and a more settled contented workforce it is well worth the investment in time and money.

Ten ways to ensure you maximise the staffing treasure you have at your disposal:

1) Have a clear strategic vision which is shared by everyone It is particularly important in times of change or difficulty. Uncertainty and lack of clarity creates huge amounts of stress for the majority of people. Having a shared strategic vision enables all staff to understand what the organisation wants to achieve. It works like a light house in stormy waters.

2) Create effective systems of communication which work at every level within the organization. This is vital as the “Chinese whispers” and “Rumour” style of leadership are ineffective and divisive. Involve staff in creating a system of communication which works for everyone.

3) Ensure your decision making process has integrity Where people have faith that decisions have been made for the right reasons they are much more likely to accept them willingly. There are still too many managers who opt for the easiest decision rather than the right one or they base their decision on the last person they spoke to.

4) Create a culture where everyone feels their ideas are welcomed and valued Encouraging everyone to do their best is good business. Giving credit for the contribution that they make is a great way of achieving a culture of contribution.

5) Have high and explicit expectations of yourself and your staff. These should be set out from the outset and provide the measure of performance. Where people are doing well ensure that this is noticed and that staff are made aware that their efforts are valued. Where people are found wanting they should be given constructive feedback and training if necessary. The “hard conversations” should take place in a professional and supportive way.

6) Encourage your staff to be solution finders rather than problem givers This has a number of incredibly positive spin offs. You minimise the role of the “victim”, and encourage everyone to take responsibility for their contribution, it shares the work load and encourages a positive approach to the future.

7) Train everyone in good team behaviour Leaders and managers should model the behaviour they want to encourage. The role of “ego” should be minimised and people encouraged to listen actively and contribute willingly.

8) Create a reward system which encourages collaboration and co-operation rather than competition Encouraging staff to see each other as competition rather than as a useful resource may have short term benefits but in the end encouraging everyone to engage the customer or client to provide the best possible service will protect your future market and enable you to grow consistently. 9) Look for ways to grow and retain your staff. The cost of recruiting Middle and Senior Managers is extremely high. Ongoing professional development leading to promotion will act as an incentive to improve performance and facilitate effective delegation and succession planning. Of course there will be times when you need fresh blood into the organization, then your track record for ongoing training and treating your staff well will become a great encouragement for others to join you. 10) Never take “good will” for granted. Staff will give their time and energy willingly when they feel that their efforts are appreciated and valued. Take them for granted and they quickly become resentful and start to think “Why should I bother?” A simple thank you for a task well done goes a long way but be aware the simply going through the motions of showing appreciation has the potential to do harm to relationships.



About The Author
Gina Gardiner is one of the UK's leading leadership coaches. She specializes in developing leadership potential from emergent to senior management level. She has a particular interest in work life balance.

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