3 Free and Fast Adsense Tips to Double Your Adsense Income

If you are new to Adsense these tips will allow you to potentially double your income in minutes just making some simple changes to the layout and color scheme of your web pages that have Google Adsense added to them. These tips are all perfectly legal and you can find additional information similar to this at Google Adsense help.

To begin Adsense is a Google program that lets website and “blog” owners monetize their sites using some simple java script. The Google program looks at your site and then determines what your site is about, and then shows ads that are relevant to what the page content that you have on your page.

1) Make the Adsense text the same color and font size as your content. Or make the text very different. The first makes it look like it is part of your site which it is or makes it stand out and catch the eye of the reader of your content drawing towards the ad.

2) Location just like a retail store “location, location, location” is the key. There is some excellent research on eye tracking patterns showing that there are areas of the page that get a lot more attention when someone is scanning a page, having you ad blocks in those areas improve the chance of someone actually “seeing” the ads. Generally the left side above the fold, and the center above the fold are the “hotspots”

3) The size of the ad-block. Google gives you many different sizes to use on your site. I started off using 120 x 600 on the left side of my pages and was using 468 x 60 below a Google search block. I saw dramatic improvements by changing to 160 x 600 video enabled and by moving the Adsense above the Google search block and changing it to a video enabled 336 x 286 ad-block. By having the video and text enabled Google will shows ads based on several criteria with it strongly leveraged towards making you and them money, so you can bet that a video ad as it takes up 3 spaces is going to be productive.

If you have good success with this, or find something that works better, please let me know.

Have a Great Day!

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