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Are You Making The Five Biggest Google Adwords Mistakes?

Are you getting the most out of Google Adwords or are you already doomed?
Even before many people write their first ad, they have already made one of the five killer mistakes that spell disaster for their Adwords campaigns.
Don't be like them. Check out the mistakes below and avoid them.
Mistake One: Targeting the wrong countries
Many people set their Countries and Territories Campaign Settings to 'All Countries and Territories' even though they probably can't sell to all those places. Why pay for a click from someone who will not be buying your products. Think carefully about which countries you can sell effectively too and only advertise to them.
Mistake Two: Don't advertise around the Clock.
Unless you are a truly Global company, there will probably only be certain times of the day when you customers are actively online. Therefore you really should be using the Ad Scheduling feature in the Campaign Settings. Pick your customers good times and don't advertise when …