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Collect Visitors Info First Before Sending Them To Affiliate

Honestly, I'm not a big affiliate fan because in the past I haven't gotten 90% of the money promised either because they disappear before they pay out or they have so many exceptions -- paying out once a quarter, has to be over X dollars first, etc. Another negative side is that some of them think that 10% commission or some low amount is worth the 20 hours it takes for us to sell it. Usually the 10% equal $10 and $10 isn't worth my reputation even $1000 actually.Today’s article is not about the pros and cons of being an affiliate member. There are some good affiliate programs out there where you will get a check, their exceptions are small or nil, and the commission reasonable for the amount of time, risk, and reputation you place on the line for their product or program.This article focuses on collecting their information before you give them the affiliate link so you can increase your mailing list numbers or residual income.Almost all affiliate referrals are handled by …

Generate More Sales in ANY Affiliate Program

It is my opinion that the best AFFILIATE PROGRAM ever…is still the AFFILIATE PROGRAM YOU own.BUT…For those who are content in promoting other peoples programs…I will share with you a few of my strategies for FREE!But before I do that, let’s see why most affiliates FAIL in just about any given affiliate program.Like food products, affiliates have a ‘use by date’ or ‘expiry date’. An average affiliate will expire 30 days after commencing …30 days or less to see if the program is any good and then they move on to the next affiliate program of the month.If the affiliate doesn’t see a return on there investment in the first two weeks then they will not stay around.DON’T BECOME A ‘30 DAY WONDER’.It is time to make an informed decision (in choosing your affiliate program) and sticking with it. If you are one of those netpreneurs who changes affiliate programs often, and not making money from it, you now know why it isn’t working.So before you go any further, make an informed decision (resear…

ClickBank Questions

It would seem that Clickbank would provide more for their customers. Obviously, when it comes to internet marketing and affiliate programs, you could put it in your top 10 links. No other database of affiliate programs offers such a possibility for profit on either the affiliate side or the product creation site. And you can't beat the fact that the commissions from over 10,000 products get consolidated into one check. But there are still a few lingering questions that may get you thinking.What is up with the site? I mean, a site shouldn't be overly complex. In fact, complexity can be a turn off. Then again, I have found more complex site templates from free sites. And it's not just that. How many of you Clickbank affiliates have found news about Clickbank or FAQ's about Clickbank on a forum, clicked the link and the FAQ is on the Clickbank domain. But, if you go to the Clickbank homepage, there is no link to the page you just visited.I don't know about you, but if…

Affiliates Need To Read Their Newspaper

Millions of people check the news everyday-- in the morning paper, online, and on the nightly news.But far too often affiliates do not find out what has occurred in affiliate marketing that day; this is important because affiliate marketing changes daily.There are many resources for affiliate marketers to learn about the day’s happenings. The best way to learn about the changes in affiliate marketing is by visiting forums often.Forums provide a great resource by allowing new affiliates to learn from the experts.New affiliates hear and learn about the different opinions and techniques that are used in the industry.In turn, this information helps educate the affiliates and helps them decide whether they agree or disagree on the particular subject or technique.By visiting forums often you can learn timesaving tips as well as common mistakes that you can avoid.Here are some of the most popular forums that are most useful for affiliates:

Who it’s for: affil…

How I Started My Own Work At Home Internet Business With Very Little Investment!

Have you always wanted to work at home? Have your own business? Didn’t think it was possible? No more commuting in traffic (plus gasoline prices right now are ridiculous). No more “business attire” (work in your jammies) and no more Corporate America breathing down your neck. I didn’t think it was possible. I had always been a pessimist. Didn’t think I could do it. Didn’t have the knowledge or skills required.I had worked in the travel/customer service industry for 25 years. I was laid off over two years ago after 9/11. I submitted my resume to countless job postings with no response. Obviously after awhile I was feeling unwanted, useless, and depressed. No job prospects, no money, no direction. I not only needed an income, I needed a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning other than the cats and bird needed to be fed.What was I going to do?The light bulb finally came on in my head and I realized that I had some resources right at home. A computer and internet access. I normally s…

Internet Affiliate Marketing 101 - It's All About Relationships

So you've found the perfect affiliate program, you've signed up and they gave you a what? "They" say that "all you have to do" is drive traffic to your site...but you don't have a clue where to begin...Never fear, Affiliate 101 is's a list of a few simple, free or inexpensive tasks you can accomplish today. Details follow, first just the list:1. Send emails to friends and family;

2. Make new friends on the internet;

3. Print out and distribute posters, business cards, and/or postcards;

4. Write articles and post free ads.First of all, don't panic. You don't have to do ALL of these, just whatever you feel comfortable with. But I do heartily suggest that you push the envelope a little on your comfort level...Email Friends and Family: If you're uncomfortable with contacting family members (they CAN be your sharpest critics) first scan the options, maybe one of the less obtrusive ones would work.Be sure to write ONLY …

Watch Out For Traffic Leaks

When promoting any affiliate program one thing that you, as an affiliate, has to watch out for is what is called traffic leaks. What is a traffic leak? A traffic leak is something on the merchants site that will cause the visitor, that you referred to their site, to get distracted and leave the merchant site, leaving you with no possibility of receiving any kind of commission.Having traffic leaks does not mean the affiliate program is a scam or trying to cheat you. It is most likely that the merchant just doesn't realize what they are doing. If you are promoting an affiliate program that is not getting any sales for you, you may want to check for traffic leaks. If you find some then contact the merchant (in a professional manner) and ask if they would consider removing the traffic leaks from their site to increase conversion.Here are a few examples of a traffic leak:Advertisement Banners & Links
This is usually the most common traffic link. The merchant will put up a banner ad …

Grow Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

To generate additional business income, consider
expanding your business through affiliate marketing.
Here are three ways of boosting your business income
with affiliate programs.1. Earn CommissionsBy joining and promoting suitable affiliate programs,
you can expand the number of related products and
services that you can offer your customers. The
company offering the affiliate program pays you
commissions on products and services they sell as a
result of your referrals.Good affiliate programs will offer excellent products,
website, credit card processing, commissions, sales
aids and support. Your main function will be to direct
your existing customers and others to the company`s
website.2. Earn Income from the Efforts of OthersIn many affiliate programs, you can earn commissions
on the referrals of other people that you sign up as
affiliate marketers. So, now you are not only earning
income from your own sales but also from the effort
of others.3. Start Your Own Affiliate ProgramBy…

Affiliate Programs... Who's Really Making The Money?

There will be a million and one affiliates out there who will tell you that the affiliate program they promote is going to be the best one for you.But have you considered who is really making the money and who gains the most out of affiliate programs.Let's take a step back and look at the AFFILIATE.What exactly is the role of the affilate?* The sole purpose of the affiliate is to PROMOTE the product and/or serviceWhat are the benefits of being an affiliate?* Get paid a minimal commission that is regulated by the owner of the product/serviceIn short, As an affiliate it is your responsibility to make someone else rich whilst doing all the hard work. You take on the expenses of advertising, you are the one who usually misses out on subscribers if you haven't first made them your client before they buy the product/service you are promoting.And all this for what??? Maybe $20 per sale if you are really, really lucky.You also need to remember that when you are an affiliate, YOU are n…