Google AdWords - 2 Simple Ways You Can Track Which of Your Keywords Are Making You Money

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One of the biggest problems people have with making a lot of money using Google AdWords is the fact that they can't figure out which keywords are working to make them a profit. In this article I want to show you 2 simple strategies you can use to track your search terms so you can figure out which ones are making you a profit.

First Way - Make sure you use the AdWords tracking in your account to track leads.

What you need to do is make sure you turn on your keyword tracking when you launch your campaign. That way you can track with search terms are making you the most amount of money and which ones are losing you money. The best thing to do when you are doing this is to track leads. That way you can get more data on your keywords as you will get more leads then you will get more sales. So make sure you don't track sales when you are using this tool! You want to only track your new leads.

Second Way - Use an analytics program to figure out which keywords are working.

The reason that you want to use an analytics program is because you can get more data on which keywords are working in your niche market. You can see which search terms are giving you the best time on page & the best results. Then you can take the results from both of these tools and figure out which search terms you need to focus more on and which ones you need to cut from your campaign. If you do the above strategy you will likely make more money in the long run using this source.
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