Google AdWords - The Fastest Way to Get a Higher Click Through Rate on Your Ads

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One of the greatest things about using Google AdWords is the fact that you can increase the click through rate on your ads and get more visitors to your site. In this article I want to show you the fastest way to make this happen in your niche market.

You have to make sure you use the best ads that are already being run in your niche.

What you should do is go through your niche market and find the best ads that seem to be run for all the keywords.

Then what you should to is take it and change it a bit so you are not ripping another person off and run that ad.

Sometimes you only have to change a few words, but you have to make sure you change something.

Use this ad as a base to give yourself a really high click through rate. Once you establish a benchmark with the ad that you are using, you can start testing different versions of it to see if you can increase your click through rate even more.

The reason that you want to use this strategy is because of the fact that you should use an ad that has been proven in your market.

Don't rip the person off, but make sure you use as similar version of the ad so you can get similar results!

If you can't find an ad that is good in your niche, look around at some other markets and see if you can find an ad you can use. Lots of times you will find that good ads in one market will work well in other niches as well.
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