AdWords Tips - Here Are 3 Tips to Have You Running Profitably in Less Than 7 Days!

Google is seen as a leader in search engine industry and now a leader in advertising. Many of their competitors are trying their best to topple Google with different advertising models to generate more revenue. But Google's AdWords is still the undisputed king of advertising. Advertisers prefer this from any other tool because it easy, inexpensive and very effective. Here are some tips that you could use:
1. Test different positions and creative
How much difference will there be in your net profit being in the first, second or third position? It all depends on your industry, creative and other people bidding on your keywords. Test your creativity in different positions and the most effective one with respect to ROI. You can also test your creativity by writing different ads and running them evenly. Go with the creative that gives the highest ROI.
2. Optimize your landing page
Do not use your homepage as landing page unless you sell your products in your homepage. Always opt for direct link to a page where they can directly buy your product. Make your landing page relevant and reflect the personality of your business.
3. Optimize your creative
This is easy to do when you know what you are doing. Choose words that are compelling to your niche market. Use all the superlatives that you can think of. You can even capitalize some words, but go slow with all caps - it doesn't mesh well with other people. Keep all ad copy relevant, because otherwise you could make people angry if they end up not finding what they are looking for.


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