Adsense Income

I've heard it all before and my guess is you have as well. It so simple you build a few blogs and websites and then just sit back and collect the adsense income when your web site visitors click on the Google ads on your web site.

However every time you check your Google adsense account you see nothing but zeroes. Ok you have done what the big boys said to do and you have got nothing like their adsense statements. You have got the zeroes without any digits in front of them. You have got great graphics and great content but no one seems interested in clicking on your Google ads. So you scratch your head and decided to do some further checking.

Oooops Google hasn't even found your web site or blog. How can this be? Make no sense as who put those Google ads on your web site if it wasn't Google? So you upload a sitemap for Google to find your web site noting that Google has particular needs in what is requires in a sitemap. Just any old map won't do at all so get yourself one of those sitemap makers instead of trying to work out how to create it yourself. It's about this time you will find out about spiders of the virtual kind. These creatures weave links like spider webs thought out the web that search engines like Google use as maps to find your sites. However you have to feed the spiders and sometimes they are hungry little creatures so that they can spin the webs for Google to find your site. Ok spiders fed, Google got its maps but still your adsense account has nothing but zeroes.

No one told you Google like age before beauty and thus thinks new sites are just temporary ones as so many are closed not long after they are created because people are impatient and give up with all those zeroes. Impatient well you certainly know about patience by this time. So eventually after what seems like an eternity your adsense account has a balance of one cent. Maybe the gurus re right after all but that now seems so long ago.

So to celebrate you post a few comments to some forums and you get a few more clicks on your Google ads and your adsense account now has a few dollars in it. It still doesn't occur to you that just maybe those celebration forum posts are what you should have been doing all a long. Beware next thing you get an email from Mr Google more or less accusing you of using surfing programs because their elite software has picked up abnormal activity in your adsense account. So you ask Mr Google what are surfing programs and for suggestions on how to fix the problem so that it doesn't happen again. However Mr Google will tell you nothing other than to read his terms and conditions and if you keep using that surfing program you will get banned from earning adsense revenue.

Frustration is just so great at this point you feel like giving it all up as a bad joke.

However you continue...


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