Keyword Elite Reviews - Is Keyword Elite Really Worth Your Money

I believe you have already heard about Keyword Elite. Keyword Elite is a desktop-based keyword generation software. "Desktop-based" is important because some keyword generators like WordTracker and AdWords Accelerator, are web-based, subscription-based. As for Keyword Elite, you can own it for life.

But before you go out there to get your copy of the Keyword Elite software, please some time to take a look at my simple review on the Keyword Elite software.

1) Keyword Elite – Who is it for?

This keyword software is ideal for anyone who wants to find a good solution to do their keyword research, from creating and selecting good keywords to build your list to spying your Adwords competition.

2) Keyword Elite – Strong Points

• Has a very user-friendly interface.

• Has a success blue-print e-book which is a step-by-step guide takes YOU from knowing absolutely nothing about Pay Per Click marketing.

• Able to assist you well in building a large list of keywords for any market.

• Able to assist you to analyze and spy your Adwords competitors so that you can fine tune your Adwords campaign to beat your competitors.

• Produces killer keywords lists.

• Integrate easily with Wordtracker.

• Able to assist you to build up keywords that are killer for Adsense pages.

Keyword Elite always stay updated through emails.

3) Keyword Elite – Weak Points

• No smooth way to go from projects to projects. You need to work on separate projects.

• The forum that comes with the purchase is not very active.

Keyword Elite is slow to generate keywords.

4) Keyword Elite – Ratings

• 5/5 for user-friendliness and usability
• 5/5 for pay-per-click advertisers
• 4/5 for search engine optimization effort
• 4/5 for niche-miners
• 5/5 for values.

5) Keyword Elite – Verdict

• A pretty up-to-standard keyword research tool for spying on competitors, keywords list management and creation of kill keyword lists. Good to go.

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